Everything to Know About Flatbed Trucks: Hauling and Shipping

Everything you need to know about flatbed trucks, hauling, and shipping can be found by understanding the concept of flatbed shipping, the various types of flatbeds available, tips for flatbed hauling, and flatbed services. We are here to help.

What is Flatbed Shipping?

Flatbed shipping is cargo transportation for loads that do not require to stay dry, cannot be dock loaded or unloaded, or do not have the dimensions to fit inside confined trailers. Beyond those aspects, there are added benefits to flatbed shipping.

  • Due to the lack of walls or railings, flatbed shipping extends the flexibility of dimensions for larger freight. The physical constraints are not an issue, but the dimensions of the load must be within legal limits. The lack of walls and railings also allows the flatbed to be loaded and unloaded from the top, sides, and rear.
  • Flatbeds may have step decks, removable goosenecks (RGNs), or double drops that allow for the most secure transportation of cargo. Stepdecks have a lowered deck that secures taller loads, while RGNs provide a ramp to load driven machinery onto the trailer easily. A double drop has two drops in the deck that secures oversized loads.

What are the Different Types of Flatbeds?

Having different types of flatbeds available is essential for safe and efficient cargo transportation. There is a flatbed made especially for every need.

Flatbed Curtainside

A premium flatbed curtainside is fully retractable and has double drops. It may include an air ride option. The dimensions are as follows:

Stepdeck Curtainside

A premium stepdeck curtainside may include a drop deck option. The low center of gravity it provides gives more stability to the cargo load than traditional decks.

Stepdeck Low-Profile Curtainside

A stepdeck low-profile curtainside provides safe cargo transportation for taller loads. The lower deck allows easy loading.

Double Drop Curtainside

A double drop curtainside has fixed drop points at the front and rear of the flatbed, creating a lower center to provide safe cargo transportation for the tallest loads.

Tips for Flatbed Hauling

Flatbed shipping and hauling require a unique skill set. However, tips and reminders for hauling are always useful. Here are a few to think about:

Know Your Cargo

Every load is different and has its own set of characteristics. Be sure to understand the load, its weight, dimensions, and value. This can help you determine if the load may shift or need straps, chains, pipe stakes, coil racks, or tarps to transport it safely to its destination.

Know Your Flatbed Trailer

All flatbed trailers are not equal. Be sure to evaluate your trailer for security and safety risks and liabilities. Remember that more specialized equipment may need additional measures to ensure the load is secure. If other equipment is necessary, contact the provider to fulfill those requirements.

Consider an Online Freight Service

Consider using an online freight service instead of wasting precious time trying to locate equipment or a specialized flatbed truck or trailer. Through its expanded carrier network, it will assist you in locating the flatbed shipping equipment you need. It can also tender the load to a contract carrier while finding escorts or permits when you need them.

Why Choose North American Specialized for Flatbed Services?

North American Specialized is a leader in flatbed services. We are veterans who strive to keep the supply chain running efficiently. Choose North American Specialized for your flatbed services because we will handle all your shipping and hauling needs in a timely and secure manner. North American Specialized has the solutions you need.

  • We have the accreditations, certifications, and affiliations to provide the industry’s highest quality, reliable, and safe service. We are part of the EPA’s SmartWay program and the Specialized Carriers & Rigging Association. We also work with other transportation carriers to have a positive impact on the flatbed shipping industry.
  • We provide specialized transportation options. After evaluating your needs, we will help you select the best equipment and travel routes to safely get you to your destination. We will shape a customized logistics plan for you.

The Solution

Whether you need a flatbed truck, flatbed hauling equipment, or flatbed shipping services, we are here to assist you. Contact one of our hauling and shipping professionals today.

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