February Driver of the Month

We are proud to introduce Neil Martinez, our Driver of the Month for February. Neil was recently hired this past October, but in that short time he has been a valuable asset to NAS. He started in the field of truck driving 11 years ago, following in the footsteps of his late brother. Prior to driving, Neil was a United States Customs Officer. After his brother passed away, he wanted to see the world through his brother’s eyes as a driver.

Neil enjoys driving because of his interest in travel and being able to experience the changes of the road. “Every day is something different”, says Neil. He likes the independence of the open road and appreciates that NAS allows him the trust and autonomy to get important cargo to destinations in a timely manner. He says sometimes driving can be hard because of the demands of the schedule. The “rolling 10” hours can be especially hard to adapt to because of the constantly changing schedule.

Neil resides in Lorraine, Ohio, outside of Cleveland. He lives with his wife and four children who range from 11 years to 18 months old. He is passionate about cars and electronics. He combines the two into a hobby fabricating and modifying auto bodies and installing audio systems. He likes to finish the cars with LED lights in the front grills or rear taillights. He also has extreme color paint jobs applied to the cars he works on to give them a unique look. Neil participates in various local car shows such as Mustang Memories with his 1998 Mustang, as well as the Woodward Dream Cruise. He enjoys watching Sci-Fi TV shows, such as The Walking Dead, Picard, Second Chance, Game of Thrones, and Vikings.

Thank you Neil for your hard work and always getting those loads to their destinations on time!

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