Guide to Heavy Equipment Hauling and Transport

Heavy equipment hauling is more common and necessary than you might imagine. Though we have all seen over the road truckers moving smaller goods from place to place, heavy equipment also needs to make it from place to place. Times in which heavy equipment needs to be moved from site to site call for specialty hauling and transport.

When is Heavy Equipment Required?

There are plenty of instances in which heavy equipment is needed to complete some task or other. It is helpful to take a look at what qualifies as heavy equipment. Heavy equipment is a term that is generally reserved for self-propelled, self-powered, or pull equipment and machinery and even generators that weigh 5,000 lbs or more.

Some great examples of heavy equipment might be earthmovers, bulldozers, cranes, some digging tools, and even some jackhammers in some cases. These large pieces of machinery are often used on construction sites and are used to do large jobs that require more than the average tool that you might see around the house or around work sites that are complete and that are not under construction.

Heavy equipment is needed for things like digging foundations, moving earth, moving large building materials, and more. These types of equipment often require special drivers or operators that have been trained to handle and operate heavy machinery. Some construction companies and building crews do have these pieces that are owned by the company and others do need to rent pieces from other places. For more information on oversized cargo, read our blog here!

What Options are Available for Heavy Equipment Transport?

Heavy equipment cannot simply be moved from one place to another without special consideration. These machines are heavy, and they are often very large which means that they do need special heavy equipment hauling services that can help move the machine safely from one place to another. Heavy equipment transport is not something that just any moving company can handle, they do need special equipment to move the machinery and to ensure that it gets to its destination in one piece.

There are a few different methods for transport that make getting heavy machinery from one location to another, the most common being flatbed transport. Knowing what type of hauling method is going to work best for your needs and for the machinery that is being moved is very important and can make a huge difference.

Flatbed/Curtainside Hauling

The first and most common hauling method is flatbed and curtainside hauling. Flatbeds are a fantastic method for moving large machinery because it allows for easy loading and unloading, it allows for the machinery to be adequately secured, and it is also stabler and safer for transport.

Bulldozers, cranes, and earthmovers are ideal for this method because these pieces of machinery are not only very heavy, they are also very large and are not likely to fit into cargo containers or any hard side container that has very limited and rigid cargo space. With curtainside hauling, the flatbed can be utilized to load the machinery, and then curtains are pulled down to protect the machinery from the elements.

Truckload Van Hauling

There is also the option of truckload and van hauling. This is hauling that involves the use of either a truck or a van to move smaller loads and materials from place to place. These are great for smaller pieces of equipment that can fit inside the van or the trailer. These are generally 48 feet in length to 53 feet in length. Smaller pieces of heavy equipment like mini excavators and tractors can be transported in these smaller vans and trucks and do not necessarily need a flatbed or a very large truck for transport.

Why Choose NAS Transportation for Heavy Equipment Hauling and Shipping?

NAS Transportation offers a range of hauling options for all of your heavy machinery needs. We offer flatbed hauling, flatbed with curtainside, van and truck hauling, and more. We have years of experience and are dedicated to making sure that you have the hauling options that you need.

We are SDVOSB certified and have over 50 years of combined experience in heavy equipment transport. We provide door-to-door service and work to ensure that your heavy machinery gets to its destination in the best condition possible.

We understand how important it is to do a good job to gain the trust of our customers and we work to ensure that you are happy with all of our services. We understand that there are tons of different unknown elements when it comes to hauling heavy machinery and we work to hammer out the problems and offer you the best service possible. Feel free to request a rate on our website, and we’ll get back to you shortly.

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