March Driver of the Month

Our driver of the month for March is Robert Jay Davidson, who is known to us as Jay. He has consistently gone above and beyond in his job and we are proud to acknowledge him as a stellar employee this month. He has been with the company since October of 2017.

Jay was essentially born into the trucking industry. He grew up in Arkansas. His Granddad had a trucking company. His father was a driver as well. Jay enjoys the scenery that he gets to experience out on the open road. He likes to visit local museums or points of interest on his stops, whether it is during his downtime or on the road when time allows. His favorite museum is Auburn Cord Duesenberg Museum in Auburn, Indiana.

Every driver has their favorite go-to restaurants when they are driving, and Jay is no exception. He likes to visit Bad Brads BBQ in nearby Shelby Township. He currently lives in Houston, Texas which we know has some of the best barbeque around. He has a brother who also lives in Houston.

When Jay is at home in Houston, he likes to relax and watch TV. His favorite shows are car shows, such as Chasing Classic Cars. He also likes to fly RC planes and watch car races. He enjoys working for NAS because of the relaxed team atmosphere. He really likes the people he works with here on that team.

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